Dog Harnesses vs. Dog Collars: Which is Better?

So you’ve got a new special pooch in your life and are wondering what’s the best and safest way to keep them on the lead. The possibilities are endless with a vast number of dog harnesses and collars out there, it can be tough to choose one. But which one is better for your dog? In this post, we’ll go over the pros and cons between dog harnesses and dog collars, so you can make the right decision for your furry friend.

Dog Harnesses

Some dogs are like extremely excited children when it comes to their daily walks and outings. They just have to get to the dog park right now, they have to sniff that tree across the road right now. Ooh! A bird, let’s chase it! If this sounds like your dog, then a harness might be the better option for you.

Poodle wearing Bling 4 Paws harness in purpleDog harnesses like these ones offer comfort and safety to your dog. If you have a dog that pulls on the lead, the harness keeps them from doing this action and consequently from strangling themselves or possibly damaging glands located in their neck, like the thyroid gland. For small breeds like pugs, a harness prevent pressure on the neck, that could cause their eyes to bulge. Dog harnesses are excellent training tools, especially for puppies. They offer you better control during your training sessions, and discourage any dog from pulling on the lead, giving your arms and back a little break.

With puppies and especially small dog breeds, harnesses help prevent them from tangling in the lead, which helps reduce injuries they could sustain from tripping. With older dogs, harness can help assist them when they need to get up from a lying or seated position. But the best thing about a harness in terms of safety for you dog, is if they get caught on something, a harness keeps them safe from hanging.

Harnesses for dogs however are not designed to be worn all day, so make sure you take the harness off when you’re at home. Also make sure the harness is fitted properly to prevent rashes and irritation. All harnesses from Bling 4 Paws are created with air padded mesh to promote air flow and prevent skin irritation.

Dog Collars

Some dogs are much more relaxed than others. They don’t need to sniff everything and just want to be close to their best friend (That’s you!). For these canines, a collar might be a better option over a harness.

Bling 4 Paws dog collarsSometimes wearing a dog collar over a harness is purely due to the dog’s personal preference according to Bark Post. They might simply not like a harness, and make sure you notice! Collars are easy to clip on tags and ID and can be worn all day.

Keep in mind that you should remove the collar if your dog is going to play rough. Collars can get caught on things like branches or even other dogs, which can cause injuries and strangling.


Can your dog wear a collar and harness at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! As mentioned a collar is the easiest way to show ID and any licences, and if you’re training your pup a harness is a better option. So when you’re about to head out with your pooch, simply put both the harness and collar on, and attach the lead to the harness and make sure the ID tags are on the collar.

There’s a wide variety of harnesses and collars out on the market, and once you know which is best for your furry friend, it’s time to shop!Bling 4 Paws has the dog’s comfort in mind over anything else, with a little bling on top to make your pup look absolutely fabulous. Shop the range of harnesses, collars and matching leads plus dog tags and foldable water bowls.