How to fit your Bling4Paws Harness on your Dog

First of all, congratulations on your purchase of your fabulous new Bling4Paws harness! We can’t wait to see photos of your fur baby looking fabulous and comfy.

Putting on a harness on a dog isn’t rocket science, but some harnesses seem to come with an instruction manual that’s the size of War & Peace.But don’t worry, fitting your new Bling4Paws harness on your fur baby is as easy as 1-2-3. And once fitted, it will take you just thirty seconds to put it on your dog…if they behave!

If you’re reading this and haven’t purchased your Bling4Paws harness just yet, check out our sizing chart at the bottom of our harness page to help you gauge which size is best for your fur baby.

You can watch how easy it is to fit our dog harnesses in the video below.

Step 1 - Put your dog’s head through the neck strap

This is the easiest part and you’ll already be half way done to fitting your dog harness once this part is over. Have your dog sit or stand still, and slip the neck portion of the harness around their head. Their head should slip through easily, and once through, the neck section of the harness should not seem too tight around your dog’s neck. In our how-to video, notice how Ruby The Bluey’s head slipped through and the harness sits snug around her muscular neck. The diamanté studs along the harness go on your dog’s chest, not their back. This is so you can easily clip on your matching Bling4Paws lead to the harness for walkies.

how to fit a bling4paws harness step 2: slip the buckle through the loop at the top of the harnessStep 2 -

 Clip the harness strap around your dog's chest

Once the dog neck is nice and snug, bring the diamanté portion of the harness between your dog’s front legs. Bring the strap up along your dog’s chest and through the loop of the harness that’s along their back and clip it together.

Step 3 - Tighten or loosen the chest strap for comfort

Now that your harness is strapped on, take a few seconds to make sure the strap isn’t twisted. Use the strap buckle to gather or loosen the harness as required. The harness should sit nice and snug on your dog’s skin, with no visible tightness. This prevent any chance of skin rubbing or irritation. The strap portion should also not sit directly on the back of your dog’s legs, but rather just behind, giving them plenty of movement.

If you have a Bling4Paws lead, you can now clip it on to the D-ring located just at the base of the neck of the dog harness. This is also the perfect spot to add your Bling4Paws ID tag, so in case your fur baby gets lost, whoever finds them will know who to call.

Now that your pup is all harnessed in, it’s time to watch them enjoy the freedom of movement they have as they run or trot around in their fabulous new harness! We love to see fur babies looking fabulous in their Bling4Paws gear, so don’t forget to when you take a happy snap and post on social to tag Bling4Paws on Facebook or Instagram!